Lee Vinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most widely used polymer in terms of volume worldwide. Although health and environmental concerns have led to the failure of the participatory market in some specific applications, PVC has a wide range of other uses, such as wood substitutes and aluminum profiles in construction products. In the production of PVC products, the blowing film extrusion process is also used. Although PVC has limited thermal stability, it has good melt resistance, which makes it easy to use in blow-film extrusion. PVC is an amorphous polymer in terms of molecular structure, so it has good transparency. Another important feature is that it can be used as a flexible or inflexible material by adding softening additives. Hard and inflexible films can be coated with metal and used as coins or flakes in the clothing industry. Flexible films can also be used for wrappers for clothing and other textiles. The other two important properties of PVC that are the advantages of consumer film are barrier and heat shrinkability. . Due to these two characteristics, PVC films are used in the food packaging industry, such as chocolate, as much as in the non-food packaging industry, such as the compressed packaging of auto parts.

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