FFS polyethylene three-layer film (bag)

Qeshm Faravard Chemical Company produces pallet plastic and wood plast injection up to 46 kg of pallet production machines and all kinds of injectable plastic products. The type of work and production volume and other capabilities are unique and have special capabilities in their field of production compared to other machines in this field. In this regard, the following can be mentioned:

1- Receiving molds up to a weight of about 40 tons
2- Injection of 46 kg of polyethylene materials in each injection stage
3- Combining and injecting polyethylene materials with others, including wood powder (wood-plastic injection)

Shrink three-layer film

Shrink three-layer film is used for indirect packing in large and portable dimensions by forklift and covering of Chinese pallet bags, which provide technical and appearance specifications according to the customer’s needs. The maximum size of this product is in the form of a tube with a diameter of 260 cm, which is presented in rolls with a maximum diameter of one meter and about 900 kg.