New head of Qeshm product was appointed

The introductory ceremony of the new head of Qeshm Farvard Chemical Company was held today in the presence of the CEO of Petrochemical Investment Company, his deputies and managers.

According to the public relations of Petrochemical Industries Investment Company, Ali Allameh Rad, CEO of Petrochemical Industries Investment Company in the introduction ceremony of Mehdi Rezaei Farahabad as the new head of Faravard Qeshm Chemical Company, referring to the good performance of this company last year Hamid Bagheri, former CEO of Qeshm Product, said: “Qeshm Product is in a favorable condition today in terms of financial and production conditions, and this situation is the product of the positive performance of the hard-working staff and the management team of this company.”

Allameh Rad further said: “Change is necessary for progress and excellence in any economic complex. Fortunately, Mr. Rezaei Farah Abai has a clear managerial background in Firmco Pars Company and basically his appointment as the head of Qeshm product was due to this record.” The entry of Qeshm products into the capital market and the stock exchange are among the main programs of this company, and we hope that the implementation of this program will continue with strength and vigor during Mr. Rezaei’s term of office.

In the continuation of this ceremony, Rezaei Farahabadi, the head of Qeshm Production Company, while thanking the good faith of Petrochemical Industries Investment Company, emphasized the need to benefit from the experiences and knowledge of Hamid Bagheri, the former CEO of this company.

It is worth mentioning that Qeshm product is one of the subsidiaries of Petrochemical Industries Investment Company and a member of Lule Gas Group.

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