Ethylene vinyl alcohol

Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) is similar to EVA. It is also a copolymer of polyethylene with a percentage of vinyl comonomer along the main branch. In fact, EVOH arises from the conversion of VA units along EVA branches into vinyl alcohol (VOH) units. Depending on the conversion percentage of VA to VOH, different types of EVOH are formed that have a wide range of properties. Similar to EVA, EVOH is also used in multilayer films. EVOH has important commercial and competitive properties. Perhaps the most important of these is resistance to oxygen penetration. Due to this feature, this type of polymer is used as a protective layer in multilayer films in food packaging. Another important property is its solubility in water. Therefore, they are used in cases such as detergent packaging where the bag dissolves with detergent in water.

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